Our Process

Just how fresh are our products?

Five key steps in the cold-pressing process:

  1. Call the farmer

  2. Fruit or veg is delivered straight from the orchard, generally picked that morning. This is critical because:

    1. Low food miles means the fruit contains more nutrition – it’s fresher!

    2. No point cold-pressing a fruit to retain vitamins and minerals if the fruit has lost them during warm storage

    3. The healthiest fruits and vegetables are seasonal, and grown in a local, temperate region – WA is the best!

  3. Fruit or veg is stored in the cool room to be kept at 1-2 degrees.

  4. Fruit and veg slow-pressed in traditional presses and citrus squeezers. This is paramount to extracting nutrients and flavour. Heat (through pasteurisation) is never used in the process, nor are preservatives added to extend shelf-life. The juice is always cold, the enzymes always retained and life-giving nutrition maintained. This only takes around 20 minutes!

  5. Immediately hand-bottled into glass bottles, then returned to the cool room at 1-2 degrees.


Orders are sorted in the cool room, so the juice is delivered cold, direct to the supplier.