What does reconstituted juice mean and why we never use it

What does reconstituted juice mean & why we NEVER ever use it!

Reconstituted juice means CONCENTRATE that has been mixed back with water.

We NEVER EVER use concentrate and that’s a value stay strong to because we want our products to be full of nutrients, the healthiest possible and with so much flavour enough to knock your socks off!

The best way to describe concentrate is juice cooked into soup. That’s right, the juice is cooked until the water evaporates and it turns into syrup.

The problem with this process is that when you place the juice under heat, all of the good nutrients and enzymes die/get deactivated and you are left only with the sugars.

Furthermore, the heat destroys the fruit acid which gives the juice that crispness and freshness.

And that is why we NEVER EVER use concentrate.


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